English | 未来型花火エンターテインメント「STAR ISLAND」


キャッチ画像 キャッチ画像

"Star", what would you imagine if you hear the word "star"??
Some people may imagine the stars in the sky,
Or some people might think about an icon "Super Star". 
Our mother Earth is very much a STAR in the space. 
Like the sunset, or the night sky...Depending on your point of view, you may have so many ways
- as abundant as there are stars - in order to enjoy your life.
If one day you had wandered into a parallel world, we would like to create an extraordinary experience in your everyday life. 
With this we would like to help to provide a catalyst in order to realize your potential in your life. 
From Tokyo to the world; from the world, to outer space.

Last year FUTURE HANABI ENTERTAINMENT STAR ISLAND showed everyone a world of limitless possibilities, fusing together traditional Japanese fireworks, cutting-edge technology, three-dimensional sound, show-stopping performances, and amazing light shows.

This year it will only be better than ever before. Come experience the event for yourself
at TOKYO ODAIBA STAR ISLAND on Saturday, May 26, 2018.


In May of 2017, STAR ISLAND showed us all a new way of looking at the world, including possibilities far beyond our previous expectations. It presented us with fresh experiences and a new kind of FUTURE HANABI ENTERTAINMENT.
In 2018, we invite you to come together with the people of STAR ISLAND
once again to experience an uncharted new world parallel to our own.
Check out the TOUR GUIDE MOVIE to see what STAR ISLAND is all about.

Each section has a different view of the fireworks!
STAR ISLAND – Back and bigger than ever!

Six seating sections for six unique
ways to view the fireworks

There are six different seating sections for you to choose from, each with a different view of the fireworks. Enjoy STAR ISLAND with your friends, family, and the other special people in your life. Relax atop our beds or a pair of cushions gazing at the beautiful Tokyo Skyline from the sandy beach at Odaiba. Savor a dinner together with your friends and family. There is a seating section for everyone at STAR ISLAND.

An Outdoor Fireworks Performance set to Music with Three-Dimensional Sound

STAR ISLAND will feature a fireworks performance with completely synchronized music.
Sound will surround you from every direction, including from speakers buried in the sand beneath your feet.
Discover a new way of enjoying fireworks thanks to a sound environment designed by the world’s top 3D Sound Artist, katsuyuki seto.

Dive into a new worldview with artists from every genre

Select artists from around the world and Japan have been invited to perform at this year’s event. Each performance is sure to draw you deeper into the world of STAR ISLAND.

Light shows will accompany the fireworks and illuminate the entire venue

Lighting at STAR ISLAND will be designed by AIBA, a light engineer with experience at big festivals both outside and within Japan.
Come see the lighting effects that the world’s top DJs rave about at STAR ISLAND.

A Location Unlike Any Other with Brilliant Views of the Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge are both visible from STAR ISLAND.
Experience the best the world has to offer while enjoying the sweeping views of Odaiba.
Don’t miss this fireworks entertainment show created through a partnership between fireworks craftsmen and Japan’s finest creators!

Fun for the whole family!

STAR ISLAND will feature a kids’ area and a nursing station.
Group seating packages are on sale this year! It’s never been easier for the entire family to visit STAR ISLAND!

Enjoy STAR ISLAND during the day time too!

As soon as you enter the gates, you’ll be completely immersed in the world of STAR ISLAND.
Food and beverages are available during the event, and we hope you will enjoy them together with the sunset and lounge music in the event area.

Join in the show usingLEDbandssynchronizedwith the fireworksandmusic

LED bands will be distributed to everyone who enters STAR ISLAND, giving the participants a chance to be an important part of the show. Bands will light up in time with the fireworks and music. Join with us in creating the fantastic world of STAR ISLAND!

STAR ISLAND is back and bigger than ever in 2018! What’s in store for this year’s event?

Last year, STAR ISLAND wowed crowds with its entertainment shows produced under the themes of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. In 2018, STAR ISLAND is back and bigger than ever! What’s in store for this year’s event? Come to STAR ISLAND and find out for yourself!


Customize your STAR ISLAND experience by selecting from 6 seating sections



LIMITED[Specified seat]




LIMITED[Specified seat]

※Children aged below 3 receive free Park admission. Please enjoy the show by sitting on the knees of the guardian.
※Performance times are subject to change on the day of the event.

「STAR ISLAND 2018」are All Tickets Sold Out.Thank you!!

※Currently, There is no plan to sell the same day tickets at the venue.Please note.

【Ticket Reservation URL】



Q.Is there any walk-up tickets available?

Regarding the walk-up tickets, we will inform you on the Official Web Site and through our official social media accordingly.

Q.I have lost my tickets. Would it be possible to reissue the tickets?

We do not reissue tickets. Even if you have a receipt or other proof of purchase, we still do not reissue tickets. Therefore please keep your tickets careful and safe until the day of the event.If you forget your ticket on the day of the event, you are NOT allowed to taking part in the event.

Q.I can't go to the event anymore. Can I resell my tickets?

Ticket re-sales or transfer to the public are strictly prohibited. According to the All Japan Concert & Live Entertainment Promoter's Conference (Chapter 4 §15 ), a transfer or re-sale of tickets is absolutely prohibited. Tickets which have been sold -between individuals, on Internet, voucher shops-, do not have any validity. Should we determine that tickets had been re-sold or transferred, you are NOT allowed to enter the event. Furthermore we will take legal action. For any problems caused due to the transfer or re-sale of tickets, you will be responsible. STAR HANABI will NOT take responsibility regarding trouble concerning resale and transfer of tickets.

Q.Are there any parking opportunities?

Please use the public transportation. We don't have any parking opportunities at the event area.

Q.Can I re-entry the event?

Re-entering the block area is possible by showing the ticket. Please hold your ticket carefully and keep it safe until the end of the show. As we mentioned tickets will not be reissued.

Q.Can I take pictures inside the venue?

Pictures can be taken inside the venue.  However please take care when using selfie sticks, camera stands and other similar items. These items may annoy other guests.Furthermore, using the flash at night time is prohibited, since it may interfere the stage effects.

Q.Can I bring my picnic mat?

Taking picnic or leisure mats into the event area is strictly prohibited. Please use our original picnic mat which we will provide at the reception desk.

Q.Food and drinks can be brought in. However, bringing in glass and ceramics is strictly prohibited.

Q.Can I bring my tent, parasol, table or chair to the venue?

It may annoy other guests. All of those items are prohibited to carry in.

Q.Can I bring my speaker?

It may interfere with the sound effects of the event. Carrying-in of speakers is prohibited.

Q.Can I bring my pen-light or any other light devices?

It may interfere with the visual effects. Pen-lights, light sticks or any other light devices are prohibited.

Q.Is there a cloakroom available?

We do NOT have a cloakroom. Please keep your stuff in your own responsibility.

Q.Can we smoke inside the venue?

Please smoke in the designed areas, even when using a mobile ashtray.

Q.Can I enter with a wheelchair?

Yes, you can enter the venue in a wheelchair. Please inform the front desk in advance. However, please understand that there may be limited access to some parts of the venue for people in wheelchairs. In addition, if you will be accompanied by someone to help you get around, that person also needs to purchase a ticket.

Q.What should I do if I feel sick during the event?

Please do not hesitate and ask our staff on-site.

Q.Can I come with my pet?

An entrance with pets is strictly prohibited. *except guide dogs, assisting dogs, and hearing dogs.

<Other cautions>

The residents of STAR ISLAND are the audience (public/viewers) and have also the leading role.
Let's create the STAR ISLAND together!

In order to see the performance show at the STAR ISLAND, you need a ticket.

Pictures and photos inside the venue including those of the audience seats may be publicly released. Please visit after your understanding in advance.

In case of buying alcohol products, an identification will be in need for proof of your age.

Littering garbage is strictly prohibited. Be sure to separate it and throw it away at the garbage box in the venue.

We do NOT have a cloakroom or a space where we can keep your belongings. In case you want to deposit your belongings, please use peripheral facilities around the venue or coin lockers. Please keep your belongings in your own responsibility.

Please refrain from any behavior that might interfere with nearby roadways, malls, shops, or residents.

In case you leave your sheet, please be sure to take your valuables with you. Please be noted that we (event host, organizer, venue, artists) are not responsible for theft, accidents and any other troubles, that occur inside or outside the venue and during the event.

Please be noted that we (event host, organizer, venue, artists) are not responsible for theft, accident and any other troubles, that occur inside or outside the venue and during the event.

The viewing area will be primarily a sandy beach except for some places. sandals and sneakers are highly recommended. Furthermore, since it is an outdoor event, please be careful of the change in temperature. We recommend you to prepare rain gear and cold weather protection.

In case you use a stroller, please be noted that there are some places where it is hard to go through with the stroller. There is a place where you can leave the stroller in the venue. However since the space is limited, you may not be able to use it. Furthermore, we do NOT take any responsibility for loss and damage of your belongings. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

All exclusive sheets will have the same specifications. Therefore please prepare yourself in order to identify your own sheet.

Holding a place at the designated areas is prohibited. Should we determine that you are holding a place with your goods, please be noted that we will remove and collect them accordingly.

It is dangerous to enter areas marked as closed to the public or restricted areas. Please do not enter these areas.

Carrying or using drones and any other similar devices inside the venue or nearby the venue is strictly prohibited.

The following behaviors are prohibited. Please understand that if you are found or judged to have violated one of these prohibitions, you may face severe penalties such as being forced to leave STAR ISLAND.
(1) Bringing items prohibited by law, inflammable items, or items that may explode into STAR ISLAND.
(2) Breaking or moving plants inside or near the venue, or items belonging to nearby facilities.
(3) Inviting people to your organization or religion, or organizing demonstrations.
(4) Distributing or putting up fliers without authorization from the organizer.
(5) Other actions deemed to violate public morals or the interfere with the management of STAR ISLAND.

STAR ISLAND is a rain-or-shine event. Using an umbrella is prohibited since it may annoy other guests. We recommend to prepare rain gear -like raincoat- in advance.

Toilets at STAR ISLAND may become very crowded. Please plan ahead when going to use the toilet.

It is expected to be crowded just before 19:00. Please come with plenty of time. (Opening at 16:00)

Fireworks will start on the day of the event at their scheduled time regardless of the number of people still waiting to enter the venue. Please come to STAR ISLAND early to ensure you can enter in time.

In case you use a tripod for the camera, there is a special area for using the tripod at the back side of your ticket block. The space for camera installation is W60 x L90 x H180 (from the ground until the top of the camera) for each. Since the space is limited,you may not be able to use it. Your kind understanding is highly appreciated.

Any annoying actions - like shouting loudly or so on- to other guests are strictly prohibited. Should we determine an action which the event host had not allowed, you may have to leave the event immediately. Please enjoy STAR ISLAND in a suitable manner.